The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He lead the governments efforts in fighting back against the infection, by first dispatching the army to seal off Cambridge and authorising the use of air power and artillery against infected targets threatening London.

When it became clear all was lost, Blair declared that London was to be evacuated and as many lives as possible were to be saved. When the army blockades defending the capital were overrun, the Royal Air Force airlifted him and other Cabinet ministers out of the city and north into the safety of Scotland, still then untouched by the infected. From there he presided over what little remained of the civil service and attempted to maintain order.

He was forced once again to leave as the virus threatened Scotland and Edinburgh became a frontline city. A new capital was established in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Tony Blair resigned his post and handed power to Gordon Brown in the months following the collapse of Britian, falling into alchoholism and depression. He would recover with support from his wife Cherie, and write the best selling memoir, "A Journey".