London is the de jure capital of the United Kingdom. It has yet to be reclaimed by the government, which has since operated from the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland since 2002.

History Edit

First Outbreak Edit

In May 2002, London was evacuated during Operation Bluebird as the infected started to pour from the north. Though not everybody could be saved, the operation itself saved over 300,000 Londoners. The evacuation included the use of every truck, bus, train, boat, helicopter, and aircraft. Prime Minister Tony Blair was evacuated by an SAS Team to a chopper which took him to the city of York, serving as the temporary capital of the United Kingdom for another 12 hours.

On June 4, 2002, an Irishman named Jim wakes up in an abandoned London hospital after being knocked out from an accident 28 days before the first outbreak. He explores the city only to find it overrun with the infected right before he was saved by three citizens named Frank, Hannah, and Selena.

Second Outbreak Edit